à propos de la terminologie "web3" (et web 4.0) :

  • The web is unversioned (W3C Draft TAG Finding, janvier 2024)
    • Depoorter (quand je lui ai parlé de "The Web is not versioned") : "à un moment donné il faut se brander"

(...) "web3" is first and foremost a marketing term. Generally speaking, "web3" is an umbrella term to refer to the "future of the Internet", which believers say will be decentralized and based on the blockchain.

- Molly White, "What is Web3?"

The idea is that the original web was the early development of the internet, when people built decentralized open community-controlled protocols for the internet. “Web 2.0,” or “web2,” was when big tech companies more or less took over the internet; now your experience of the internet is largely mediated through Facebook and Google and Apple and Amazon, and they make tons of money from controlling the internet. No open decentralized project is going to compete with them. But web3 will be when people build decentralized open community-controlled protocols for the internet again and also make lots of money. Because the decentralized protocols won’t be owned by big tech companies, but they won’t be free and owned by no one, either. They’ll be owned by their users.

Just kidding: They’ll be owned by venture capitalists who buy tokens in these projects early on and who are the biggest boosters of web3. But also by their users.

- Matt Levine